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We are here. All of us are present now. As we speak. We simply ask you to tune into your own heart space for we are all one. We are all as we speak, we speak as one. There is nothing outside of you as everything is inside and this reality has created the aspect to be separated from source. What does this truly mean? It means for you to experience your individuality. You must separate to some extent from source. If this was not the case, you would have no personality, no ego. The ego is the I. The ego is not evil. If someone denotes have an ego, they would be completely one with source and that is not a bad thing either for we are not labeling it bad or good. We simply want you to open up to a concept of seeing your eye, your individuality as a beautiful thing, as is your connection to your own essence, your own source.

So how does one travel into this world, into this human experience? There are many pathways, but we will simply simplify this for this experience. So from source one is one with all things. Everyone is one with source. Everyone has been at this place and is here whether they are conscious of it or not. Some are more conscious than others of their creation with source and some are not. Yet we are just speaking to you about how you have come into this body, this physical beingness for when you are one with all things. How do you know yourself in order to know yourself ourselves, we separate. When we separate, we can look back at ourselves, we can see ourselves and that is the first process of separation of becoming the eye or the ego. You separate. Then you can separate again and again and again and again.

This is the ancient wisdom known in the flower of life for any of those familiar with it. This is the story of creation, of the seed of life, of the tree, of life, of the world and how it is created for you take the beingness and the center and you separate it into the vesica Pisces, the or you simply separate yourself to know yourself. How can one separate themselves and be totally disconnected from the source? They cannot, but they can forget. This is why you can have many pieces of yourself in many different places. Whether you call it dimensions or valves, it doesn’t matter. Even different places in your physical life. Those are that are familiar here with soul retrieval. This is an aspect of separation from the self with the big eye, from the source of who you are. We can call, a piece of yourself back.

You are literally re-remembering. You are connecting again to your source, your assistance. So to come into this third dimension that is very physical and in this third dimension there is birth, there is life and there is death. Thus you have to separate yourself into this dimension. So to get down here we’ll simply say down, because this is a concept you can comprehend to get down into the earth plane, you must separate yourself to a certain extent, some separate more than others. Some are from the star scenes, some are from other different dimensions. We do not need to get into this, but depending on how you come here, you separate yourself so much, but then when you are here, what is the purpose of being here? The purpose of being here is to experience this third dimension to experience it as birth, as life, as a duh. The circle of life for in this experience, you can truly have a body. The body is the gift.

The spirit is forever. The body can be in time and space. One wants to be in time and space here to a certain extent, but you’ve noticed recently the time has been shifted. It’s been slowing down because of a certain virus going around. This thing is causing the world to stop, go back. Remember, slowing down creates an opportunity to not have so much life force as in force, going, going, going in a linear timeframe. When one slows down, they begin to see the reality for what it is seeing as a little child. This phrase has been talked about for they shall inherit the earth. The mind in its human sense likes to be very linear. It likes to create patterns. If there are certain numbers it will rearrange the numbers to be in a pattern. A little child does not do this. It sees things as it is.

The mind will literally look at a tree and in looking at the tree, if it sees something as lopsided it will imagine it being even. It will literally change the twigs and try and get it even so the picture looks per fact. A child does not do this. It sees things for what they are. Those a masters or those gurus, those people that have been here to speak about spirit, about the connection to soul to essence while in this body they see the reality as it is and that is the magic. Those that have experienced reality as it is begins to recognize that they can actually change this reality to create what they want. They are not a slave to it. So we know that there are many questions here. We just simply wanted to speak on a few topics to get you going to get you in the essence of knowing that you are in fact source.

This channel is from source the higher self. It is you. We are simply here to serve in any way we can with opening yourself up to not only hear the words we speak but to feel it for not only is this world about learning but it’s also about experience. Some things cannot be explained through the logical mind. Some things are simply meant to be experienced and that is actually the beauty of this world. It is the experience of moving through the timeframe that gives you such a unique experience. It is also known as flipping the flower of life because you literally change time and space. You never disconnect from source, but you can create the illusion of being disconnected so that you can remember and literally experience yourself as creator. Now we are welcoming any of you to ask any questions if you so feel that there is anything that you want to know as this space is now yours and we are here for all of you as we are here for all of us. Now is there any questions that anyone wishes to else?